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Gubernatorial Candidates Name Transportation A Legislative Priority

Upon the conclusion of the Georgia Transportation Alliance’s State of Transportation Breakfast, industry leaders, stakeholders, and transportation affiliates gathered to hear Georgia’s leading gubernatorial candidates discuss issues relative to Georgia’s economy and infrastructure.

During a policy forum dedicated to transportation, candidates revealed their vison for continued leadership if elected Georgia’s next Governor. As infrastructure needs and concerns remain a pressing issue across the state, Candidates vowed to make transportation a top priority.

This year’s forum included Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, former State Senator Hunter Hill, former Navy Seal Clay Tippins, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, former House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams, and former State Representative Stacey Evans.

As the candidates offered their long-term solutions to secure Georgia’s economic prosperity, they disclosed the sacrifices and investments they would be willing to make to advance regional and mass transportation.

Democratic candidates, Stacey Evans and Stacey Abrams agreed that state funding is a critical component in improving transportation. During her speech, Abrams cited her support of House Bill 170, which increased transportation funding. Evans highlighted her endorsement of regional transit systems in both metro Atlanta and rural Georgia.

While Secretary Brian Kemp spoke of transit expansion, fellow Republican candidates Hunter Hill and Clay Tippins emphasized the importance of conserving taxpayer’s money.

All participating candidates pledged to continue the seven-year investment dedicated to improving transportation. As Georgia’s economic success is tied directly to its ability to attract and retain employers and talent, the need for transit expansion and infrastructure funding will remain a priority for both residents and elected officials.

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