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Georgia Transportation Alliance Update – September 2013

The first GTA board meeting of 2013 took place on August 14, 2013. We were honored to announce the 2013 – 2014 executive committee which includes the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Yancey Bros, Georgia Highway Contractors Association, Delta Airlines, World Fiber Technologies, UPS, CSX Transportation, VEOLIA TransDev, Georgia Power, ACEC GA, and PCID. The officers for 2013 – 2014 were…

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Transportation Funding Act of 2015

The Transportation Funding Act of 2015 (HB 170) was introduced in January by House Transportation Committee Chairman Jay Roberts (Ocilla). While the bill is still moving through the legislative process, it ultimately takes a tremendous step forward in providing nearly $1 billion in new transportation funding for our state that would be used to shorten maintenance schedules and build much…

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Manufacturing and Transportation Infrastructure Panelists Including Seth Millican

Manufacturing and Transportation Infrastructure Panelists talked about the importance of infrastructure investment to the manufacturing industry. They stressed that failure to fund infrastructure projects would allow other countries to move ahead of the U.S. Former Transportation Deputy Secretary John Porcari listed examples of bridges vital to supporting jobs that lack sufficient upkeep and investment. This forum titled “Manufacturing Intersection-Moved in the U.S.A.” was…

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