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State House announces Regional Transit Legislation

In their pursuit to improve regional infrastructure, state representatives announced their legislative efforts to advance transportation throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area.  On February 13th, House Representative Kevin Tanner introduced House Bill 930 which addresses the transit needs of 13 metro counties within the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority Service Area.

House Bill 930, sponsored by House Transportation Committee Chairman,- Kevin Tanner repurposes the Georgia Regional Transit Authority to the Atlanta Transit Linc (ATL) and creates avenues to fund a 13 county regional transit system. House Bill 930 is the result of work by the House Commission on Transit Governance Funding  established in House Resolution 848. The ATL board tasked with oversight responsibilities will consist of fourteen members total, including ten selected members from districts by a local chairmen of each district, legislative caucus, and mayor selected from a mayoral caucus within each district.

While the Georgia Senate has introduced a similar transit bill, both pieces of legislation include provisions to provide ballot measures regarding transit funding. House Bill 930 allows for the enactment of a 30-year local option sales tax levy in .05 cent increments up to 1%.

Georgia Transportation Alliance Executive Director, Seth Millican expressed his confidence in the legislation, “As we seek to invest in the future of our state’s transportation system, it is critical that we increase economic opportunity while maintaining the state’s commitment to environmental awareness.”

The Georgia Chamber is a long-time proponent of multi – modal transportation infrastructure investment and supports HB 930. As the state’s largest business advocate, we encourage the General Assembly’s favorable consideration in passing House Bill 930.

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